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We specialize in rare tropical fish such as show quality bettas, show quality guppies, cichlids, killifish, and saltwater fish not available at local fish shops or chain pet stores
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As all know our general supplier for aquarium fish LiveAquaria.com and Drs. Foster & Smith (same company) ended their online sales business, due to state online sales tax issues.   Thus links on fish for sale no longer work as 02/22/10. 

We are changing our tropical fish suppliers now to "Aquarium-Club MEMBERS ONLY", so please stop back, because we will have more tank raised fish shortly,

15 years of selling tropical fish online and safely shipping fish and supplies to thousands of satisfied customers, without any complaints!!!

All Links to Information Regarding Breeding Fish Raising Babies, Further Information, Answering Questions, Chats & Forums and Other Services Require an Aquarium-Club Membership


    There are several species of aquarium fish that produce fry born alive that are able to fend for themselves at birth.  The most common of these is the guppy, which we have given their own section of the site, because of the wide varieties available and the amount of information that is available.

    Livebearers generally are an excellent group of fish for the new hobbyist and for children to begin exploring their interests in tropical fish.  This because most are readily available in local fish shops (LFS) and like guppies, species such as Platys, Swordtails and mollies come in a number of variety of colors and fin designs.

Black Sailfin Molly
$10.99 - Pair

Black Lyretail Molly

Black Molly

Dalmatian Molly

Hi Fin Platy

Topsail Platy

Assorted Mickey Mouse Platys

Assorted Platys

Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtail

Assorted Swordtail

Click the link for more information on the care of a particular species of Live Bearer.





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